Thursday, 7 December 2017

Sample of Note-Making

1.  On the basis of your reading of the above passage, make notes on it, in points only and also add         a suitable TITLE.

Occasional self-medication has always been part of normal living. The making and selling of drugs has a long history and is closely linked, like medical practice itself, with belief in magic. Only during the last hundred years or so, as the development of scientific techniques made it possible diagnosis has become possible. The doctor is now able to follow up the correct diagnosis of many illnesses-with specific treatment of their causes. In many other illnesses of which the causes remain unknown, he is still limited, like the unqualified prescriber, to the treatment of symptoms. The doctor is trained to decide when to treat symptoms only and when to attack the cause. This is the essential difference between medical prescribing and self-medication.
The advance of technology has brought about much progress in some fields of medicine, including the development of scientific drug therapy. In many countries public health organization is improving and people’s nutritional standards have risen. Parallel with such beneficial trends are two which have an adverse effect. One is the use of high pressure advertising by the pharmaceutical industry which has tended to influence both patients and doctors and has led to the overuse of drugs generally. The other is emergence of eating, insufficient sleep, excessive smoking and drinking. People with disorders arising from faulty habits such as these , as well as well from unhappy human relationships , often resort to self –medication and so add the taking of pharmaceuticals to the list .Advertisers go to great lengths to catch this market.
Clever advertising, aimed at chronic suffers who will try anything because doctors have not been able to cure them, can induce such faith in a preparation, particularly if steeply priced, that it will produce-by suggestion-a very real effect in some people .Advertisements are also aimed at people suffering from mild complaints such as simple cold and coughs which clear up by themselves within a short time.
These are the main reasons, why laxativesindigestion-remediespainkillerscough-mixtures, tonics, vitamin and iron tablets, nose drops, ointments and many other preparations are found in quantity in many households. It is doubtful whether taking these things ever improves a person’s health, it may even make it worse. Worse, because the preparation may contain unsuitable ingredients; worse because the taker may become dependent on them; worse because they might be taken excess; worse because they may cause poisoning , and worst of all because symptoms of some serious underlying cause may be asked and therefore medical help may not be sought. Self-diagnosis is a greater danger than self-medication.



1.   Self medicatiom differs from medical prescription.
         1.1 Part of normal living—last 100 yrs
         1.2 Advancement in diag tech..
         1.3 Drs rqd. for diag .&  treatmnt of disease

2.   Technological Advmnt in medicine
          2.1  drug therapy
          2.2 impvt. in pub. Health org’s
          2.3  increase in nutri’l standards.

3. Clever ads by pharma’l companies
        3.1 take advt of people’s need
                                    3.2 chronic suffers
                                    3.3 mild complaints viz cold and coughs.
4.   Dangers 
   4.1 Prep’n contain unsuitable things
   4.2 Taker becomes dependent

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