Friday, 8 December 2017

DO's and Don't's in Precis Writing

Major Dos of English Precis:

a) Read through the whole passage and try to find out the central 
b) Make a note of the main points in the passage.
c) Give a suitable heading/title of your précis.
d) Write your precis in the third person, and the tense of the précis          should be the same as that of the passage.
e) Revise to see if you've missed any important points or not.
f)  Must follow the number of words as instructed in the question.

Major Don’t s of a Precis:
a) Do not express your own opinion, ideas, wish, remark or criticism.
b) Do not insert any question in your précis. Its significance, if essential, may be expressed by a statement.
c) Do not convey the ideas in the précis by incomplete sentence. Use Short & Crisp sentences instead.
d) Do not use telegraphic abbreviations. Avoid all slang also.
e) Do not be jerky. This suggests that most probably, you have not understood the sense of the passage properly.
f) Do not retain one or reject the other if two ideas are equally important. Either retain both or give that combined significance.
g) Do not copy directly from the passage.

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