Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Assignment of Business Environment

  All the students are allotted one company for which they have to collect the following information and then submit the assignment through Google Class only.
                                i.            About the company
                              ii.            Mission and Vision of the company, or company core objective
                            iii.            Corporate Policy
                            iv.            Corporate Social Responsibility
                              v.            Carrier Opportunities in that company
                            vi.            Competitors of the company
                          vii.            Code of Conduct
                        viii.            Governance of the Company
                            ix.            Marketing policy
                              x.            Services and Products
                            xi.            About the financial status of the company

Check your company through this link.

Students have to join google class section wise.
Use following code to join the class

Section A: rgo71to
Section B: 1o7ppf
Section C: z26kz1
Section D: xglnvbu
Section A (Accounts and Finance): 25o847