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Commerce Club

Commerce club - A club is an association of persons gathered to initiate, conduct and carry on some specific organized work or for accomplishing some long term goals. For the achieving efficiency in teaching as well as learning process, there is a need for such an organized effort. Therefore, a Commerce club can be organized by the teacher in the Commerce department of schools by gathering all students of the department.

Commerce club may be considered the initial step and most important part of co-curricular activities in commerce, because as a collection of students in the same subject, a Commerce club can efficiently organize other co-curricular and group activities.

In order to meet the challenging needs of corporate world environment, it is not just sufficient for a student of commerce to be sound theoretically but must also be exposed to the outer world in a dynamic way to face practical situation.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be an excellence in the field of commerce with a holistic concern of better education, environment and society.


·         Empowering students with all the knowledge and guidance that they need to become worthy professionals.
·         Learning through Doing.
·         To carve a niche for ourselves in the specialized field of commerce.
·         Grooming youth to become a truly global personality well equipped to deal with the modern world and its challenges.
·         Enable holistic development of personality with a humane and global outlook


In order to fulfill its stated vision, mission and motto the college is committed to:
·         To expose students to meet the practical challenges in the current business scenario.
·         To let the students interact with business experts of industry.
·         To encourage students to become event managers.
·         To build self-confidence and proactive approach

For the improvement of the learning process, Commerce club can organize the following activities under the direction and supervision of teachers:         

  • Business Quiz- group wise, monthly and contemporarily on commerce and business related topics.
  • Group Discussion- small group of 5-6 students discuss on the business issue of national and international concern.
  • Guest Lectures- Executives from financial sectors like Banking, Share Market or Insurance can share their experience with students
  • Industrial Visit – Students can visit nearby industrial area and company and share their experience in the class
  • JAM – Just a Minute session for develop reasoning and presence of mind
  • Competitions to improve not only communication skills but also personality and attitude of students.
  • Talk- Annual talk on union and state budget, talk on various subjects related to commerce, talk on current affairs in business, industry etc
  • Career Guidance – from the teaching to the students by becoming a mentor
Expected Outcome
·         Academic excellence: Our primary objective is to enable every student to cope up with the latest developments in contemporary, national and global level through effective transaction of the curricular and co-curricular aspects.
·         Professional Excellence: The College motivates molds and prepares the students for positions of leadership in business organizations at the local, national and international levels. The capacity building of our graduates to assume productive roles are emphasized during their stay in the college and to inculcate the habit of lifelong learning. The ultimate objective is to produce commerce graduates who possess the skills, problem solving tools and professionalism essential for being successful.
·         Total commitment: The College is focused on the all-round development of the students’ personality through proper education and exposure to the vast treasure of knowledge; sports facilities and by providing platforms for their socialization.
·         Holistic Development: College provides exposure to learners in the latest trends in relevant branches of knowledge, competence and creativity to face global challenges. To achieve innovations in teaching-learning, research and extension activities to realize national goals, including the adoption and promotion of knowledge output for human development.
·   Socially responsible Citizen: College inculcates a sense of civic responsibility, social commitment, and moral accountability among the students through social activities to with exposure to human rights, value system, culture, heritage, scientific temper and environment.

·      Value-based Development: To impart quality and need based education our objective is to sensitize the students to their changing roles in society through awareness raising activities.

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