Friday, 1 September 2017

Summary of The Miracles of Puran Bhagat

                                       THE MIRACLES OF PURAN BHAGAT


The Miracle of Purun Bhagat' (The Second Jungle Book), was one of the most explicit attempts Kipling made to understand the relationship between the two worlds, free of the racial meaning implied in the opposition of East and West. But it achieves its impressive artistic effect by a fairy-tale perfection. For it deals with a man who leaves the life into which he was born and enters upon a new and challenging existence. Like Mowgli, Purun Bhagat is searching for the world to which he truly belongs, and it is his discovery of that world that is the old man's miracle.

"The Miracle of Purun Bhagat" is the story an able administrator, Sir Purun Das, who as Prime Minister of a progressive princely state of India, builds roads, schools and hospitals in the state and becomes a favourite of the British. But when the time comes, he renounces the material world and becomes a wandering mendicant, finally settling down in a temple on a hill in the Himalayas. The people of the village down the slope call him ‘Bhagat’ and take care of his meagre needs of food, water, etc. One night, a huge landslide brings the hillside rumbling down the slope, and the ‘Bhagat’ once again becomes a man of action and leads the entire population of the village down the slope and then up the adjoining hill, safe from The landslide.

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